Marketing Your Business

Getting a local business name or company out in todays world is a tuff one. With all the big guys taking over, its hard to be heard or seen. Luckily here are 8 steps to help you become a marketing guru of the small business world

Know your customers
It may seem easy , but many businesses fail to identify just who to talk to. Once you know “who” then you can go about “how” to reach them.
Social media
There are so many Social networks out there, these can all be used to your advantage. First get a good grasp on a few you know well and create a page or profile for your business with interesting content relative to your business.
• The goal is to engage consumers – be a part of the discussion in your industry and it will help you gain an audience or followers.
• Don’t be afraid to “friend” or “follow” media outlets, it could work in your favor.
• Ask for feedback from your followers. It lets them know that you are willing to hear new ideas and change.
 Free directory listings. 
Be sure to claim your business in online directories such as Google Places, Yelp and Yahoo. These directories are all over the web, make sure you only sign up for ones that are related to your business though. If you put your business in a directory like on WEBMD and your a bakery, it will get flagged and leave a negative feedback on the web for your business. Adding your business lets you expand your web presence and google, bing, and yahoo search relativness. Claiming your business lets you know and respond when people have something nice or something bad to say. It will also allow you to dispute that comment. You can also hire a person or SEO company to manage your web awareness.
Make a website.
If you don’t already have one, or you have one but haven’t updated it for a couple months or years…Well you need to change that now. In this day and age if you don’t have a presence on the web (facebook and twitter aren’t enough) you’re gonna get left behind in the dust. So many business’s are placing there product on the web which essentially gives you a second store front to,,, well the world, and why miss that opportunity. If your not the web savy type there are companies that will build you a simple site to all the way up to a E-commerce site and update your blog and establish your name on the internet, even get you on the front page of google. That all depends on your budget though.
 Get involved in your community.
Attend local community meetings, or events where you’ll be able to showcase your business and products. Like farmers markets, festivals, or city concerts.
Consistently brand your business.
Put your name on everything, tags, pens, receipts, emails, everywhere. Same goes for your logo and if you don’t have logo get one! You need something people can see and associate with your business.